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Satyam Live is “The National Hindi Newspaper | Magazine | Web Portal | Web Channel | News Media Organization”. Satyam Live established its Newspaper on 24th May 2011, Then Satyam Live established its Magazine on 11 April 2014. with the aim to bridge the communication gap between the government, administration, and the common people, because we believe that ‘common people’ also have the power to transform the society, Thus leading it to progress & property of the nation as a whole. So we firmly focus on this section.

Satyam Live is based on convergence Journalism i.e. Newspaper, Magazine, Web Portal, and Web Channel. Satyam Live believes in free, fair, unbiased & independent journalism & strives to inculcate these values in its overall Organization. To cultivate quality minds with nourishment of thoughts, information & entertainment, we have eminent writers from the Hindi literary world on our editorial panel. We cover a wide spectrum of subjects like news & views, Career, Cuisine, Fitness, Personality development, Beauty, Glamour world, etc., Each & every aspect is analyzed & then finally presented, giving the reader an edge over others. Besides this, Our Magazine is mainly based on Indian Police and Politicians which has the aim to showcase the real image of these, because police administration and government are still struggling to create a good & better image in front of the public after a long period of independence. But after this long struggle, they are always failed to create a good and better image because of some critical circumstances.

Satyam Live established "" on 25 June 2014 is India’s leading Hindi News Web Portal & News Web Channel with the aim of reaching millions of Indians in India and significantly worldwide Indian Diaspora who are eager to stay in touch with India based news and stories in Hindi because of the varied contents presented in an eye-pleasing design format. It has taken a prominent position in the web market and quickly progressing to capture the top slot. We also remain clung to the tree of journalistic ethics by serving the fresh news on the platter of absolute authenticity and our comments stand only as a guard so that all the users of our portal do not carried away from the truth.

Our news persons are prompt in responding to any event by collecting first-hand data. Personal interviews of concerned people about that event or incident reinforce the fabric of the information not to say our questionnaires are very yielding.

We are updating the news promptly and swiftly keeping the net users updated with the latest news covering a wide area in politics, sports, entertainment, health, books, business, health, crime, and others. We are also covering India’s all states viz Delhi & NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, etc. with our own journalist network.

We provide a platform to the viewers as the most respected and trusted source for news and information. Our news portal has been designed in the most convenient manner so as to locate the desired news instantly. Today it is becoming the popular internet media web portal in Hindi news with all social platform presence with the visitors growing leaps and bounds with each new month the no. of pages viewed in the portal increasing.

Registration Details :

Sr. No. Title RNI Registration Number Title Code Publication State Language Periodicity
1 SATYAM LIVE DELHIN/2011/36763 DELHIN16457 Delhi-NCR Hindi Weekly Newspaper
2 SATYAM LIVE DELHIN/2013/55251 DELHIN27840 Delhi-NCR Hindi Monthly Magazine
Sr. No. Title Udyog Aadhaar Registration Web Domain Publication State Language Periodicity


Delhi-NCR Hindi/ English Daily Digital News Web Portal & News Web Channel

SATYAM LIVE the group has a strong presence all over India. We have a corporate/Head office in Delhi & covering and focusing on News from all over India.

Satyam Live– Digital runs and maintains websites and social platforms as details given below:

News Web Portal:-

Whatsapp No:- 9911001280

Facebook Page:- satyamlive

Instagram Page:- satyamlive

Twitter Page:- satyamlive

YouTube Channel:- satyamlive

(Note: The Jurisdiction of news media-related Cases shall be valid only in Delhi court, India.)

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