IFSMN Conducted 2nd Meeting of the National Council at Bhubaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar, 21 Oct. 2023: The Indian Federation of Small and Medium Newspapers (IFSMN) conducted the 2nd meeting of the national council held at Hotel Keshari, Bhubaneshwar on 31 Oct. 2023.

Mr. Laxman Patel Sectorary General invited the members to the meeting. Mr. B. G. Vijay, National President, in his address to the members that due to the COVID-19 pandemic no in-person meetings were possible was possible although a couple of virtual meetings and one in-person meeting were held in Delhi last year. But even after the withdrawal of COVID travel conditions, no efforts were made to convene NC meetings which is mandatory.

IFSMN was a part of many delegations that represented the government’s of Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, and Karnataka where some requests like free bus passes, health insurance, and pensions to retired journalists were considered. However, IFSMN’s efforts to get the railway concession were not fructified since the Railway Ministry has refused to budge at any cost.

It is the responsibility of the Secretary-General to organize meetings in consultation with the President but despite many instructions, no efforts were made to convene the annual general body meeting for the period 2021-22 and 2022-23, no accounts were audited, membership register was not prepared after merging the two groups. No efforts were made to solve the property dispute.

Mr. Laxman Patel, the secretary general’s explanation in this regard was not accepted andr. A.P Das suggested that lapses cannot be discussed in NC meetings and ut should be resolved between them and suggested correlating the efforts to streamline the accounts well before the next meeting.

Conducting Annual General Body and election: The President moved a resolution to hold AGM for the 2921-22 and 2022-23 on 26th February 2024 and it was approved by the members present.

President after due consultation, announced that Sri. Ravinder Guptha was appointed as the PRESIDING officer to hold the elections for the period 2024-26.

There are some points of topics which was discussed in the NC Meeting as below:

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1. Mr. AP Das and Sri.Ravinder Guptha observed that “Due to the lapses in preparing and submitting the required authentic documents, IFSMN couldn’t find a place in any organization like PIB CPAC, PCI, and DAVP. Whereas some organizations that are not well established are recognized by the government of India whereas IFSMN is one and only oldest federation which is ignored…and suggested immediate actions in this regard.

2. Mr. Ravinder Guptha suggested being very cautious while nominating members to the National Council and other committees as most of the members are not serious about their role, commitment, and responsibilities and as a result, they have become defunct.

3. Mr. A.P. Das informed the members about his discussion with Mrs. Pushpa Padey about constituting a REVIVAL COMMITTEE to bring in all members under one umbrella to strengthen IFSMN.

Though it is a welcoming note, but since the election is already. announced to elect a new committee it will be an open opportunity for every member to take an active part in the election process and can demonstrate their unity and hence a Revival committee may not be necessary.

4. Mr. A.P Das suggested submitting a representation to the Government of Odisha regarding many issues relating to Journalists and it was agreed to do so by the President.

In his reply President said that in view of the current term is being expired in the month of December 2023, the newly elected committed shall be submitting the required documents to PIB etc., to avail a seat. But with regard to discrepancies in accounts etc., It will be set right well before the AGM.

5. Mr. R Mesh. G. President, IFSMN Karnataka unit, submitted since the district committees are into all kinds of malpractices and not correlating with the state office to implement the objectives of the federation and the very existence of district branched have become irrelevant and requested the NC to take a decision in the matter.

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